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CD and or DVD problems on ML370 G2

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CD and or DVD problems on ML370 G2

I recently removed my CD player in my ML370 G2 to replace it with a Sony DVD writer/reader. Now when I boot up the ML370 G2 does not recognize it at boot up time nor once the system comes up to Windows 2000. So I decided to put the CD player back in and now it does'nt recognize it either. I put a bootable CD in just to make sure the ML370 might see it but no go. Am I missing something here to expect that the processor should see the new hardware?
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Re: CD and or DVD problems on ML370 G2

Yeppp, the sony-drive is not supported, that's why it may be not recognized.
Check this out:

You can try the old CDrom in other server to test if it works.

If you have OS, check if the drive loads CDs - if it does, check your boot controller order.
If no CDs are getting loaded, locate the system maintenance switch on your systemboard and set pin 6 to the other position - this should switch the server to the backup rom and everything should go fine after that.

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