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CD not booting on DL380 G4

Occasional Visitor

CD not booting on DL380 G4

Hey there,

Ive tried to install Windows 2003 Server on a new DL380 G4. I have configured the hard disk however, when I boot up I receive the following errors ;
PXE-E61 - Media Test Failure - Check Cable
PXE-M0F - Exiting HP PXE Rom

I do not get any chance to boot from the CD instead it just restarts after a set time.

2 x 3.6Ghz
1gb Ram
6 x 72gb (Mirrored in Pairs - Raid 1 + 0)

Anyone know what could be the problem?
Regular Advisor

Re: CD not booting on DL380 G4

Try to boot from a known good CD. If that fails check power and data cables coming connecting to the CD drive.

Your error message indicate that it is trying to boot from the NIC. Usually this is the last option in the boot order. You can also press F9 and see the boot order from RBSU.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: CD not booting on DL380 G4

From F9 under Advanced Option - select Clear NVRAM - see if that helps
Update Your System ROM if needed
Eject CD ROM from Chassie and Insert assembly back with little force
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Re: CD not booting on DL380 G4

i do facing same problem,


i tried what oleg as adviced. But no luck