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CDROM problem on a DL360 G1

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CDROM problem on a DL360 G1

Hi all,

I cant boot using the CDROM on my DL360G1. I've installed Win2003 using the smartstart scripting toolkit successfully. Now, it's impossible to use the CDROM for booting or reading something.

I've tried to reset the NVRAM, change the disks and the CDROM/Floppy unit, but nothing work.

When i boot with a floppy, the CDROM unit is mounted successfully, but it's impossible to read the CDROM content. Same promblem on Win2003, when i insert the CDROM, then the cursor change to say 'I detect a CDROM' but no way to read the content one more time ...

Is it because i use the "REM z:\bin\vflop /b:never /p:off" at the end of my installation script ?

What can i do to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance for your advices

Best regards

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Re: CDROM problem on a DL360 G1

Hi Yann,

The combined floppy/CD-ROM unit on early DL360 models had a habit of working itself loose from the connector on the backplane.

Make sure the floppy/CD-ROM unit is pushed fully back and makes good contact with the connector. Remove the top cover to view this area. The green locking pin can be loose and cause this movement. You may of course simply have a defective CD-ROM drive but it's worth checking the connection first.

If you do need a new unit, the Compaq spare part number (for service calls) is 173834-001. (Image attached).

I hope this helps.


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Re: CDROM problem on a DL360 G1


I thing i've solve the problem because i've tested the CDROM/Floppy units in another server and the CDROM seems to be burned ...

Thanks for your advices

Have a nice day !

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Re: CDROM problem on a DL360 G1

your hardware are all ok. One thing you have not thought of doing.


- burning disk image at 24X speed. That should solve  the booting problem with DL360