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CL1850 Shared Storage

Darin Lawless
Occasional Advisor

CL1850 Shared Storage

Well, I've gone and attempted the setup with 2000 Advanced server. No joy.
I have to assume at this point that there is a fault with
a) the CR3500, or
b) one of the SCSI controllers in one of the nodes.
My bet is B.

Anyone need some spare parts?
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Re: CL1850 Shared Storage


If I remember correctly you have to make sure that one nodes SCSI controller is set to SCSI ID7 (Primary Host) and the other to SCSI ID 6 (Secondary Host) or their will be a clash on the shared bus.

This can be done by entering the BIOS on the server. You will only need to do the secondary as the default is 7.

There should be lots of documentation for setting up the CL1850 so don't despair as it's an expensive box to break up for spares.

Check this out at least.


Doug de Werd

Re: CL1850 Shared Storage

Here is a good doc on the SCSI ID numbering

Here is a general link to CL1850 support (docs, drivers, etc.)〈=en&cc=us

Here's a couple of Troubleshooting Guides (note: the CL380 is almost identical to the CL1850, so the info is basically the same)〈=en&cc=us

Give us a little more detail on error conditions, messages, etc.

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Darin Lawless
Occasional Advisor

Re: CL1850 Shared Storage

Thanks guys, I already had the scsi ids set properly. I have found that 1 of my scsi controllers will no longer access the array - even singly. I have my culprit.
My employer does not want to spend anything on a replacement card so..... regardless of my protests the unit will be sold.
Either as a single server - or as a spare for someone enterprising.

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