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CL380/CR3500 & U320 External Storage Enclosure

Albert Churba
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CL380/CR3500 & U320 External Storage Enclosure


1) CL380 Packaged Cluster Generation 1 PIII 1GHz
2) Dual CR3500 Controllers - Firmware revision x2r-1 - running Failover mode of Performance
3) CR3500 Configuration utility PASS 1 V1.6
4) Compaq 64-Bit Ultra2 SCSI Controller /P - Driver Version 11/12/2002
5) External storage U320 using a 287483-B21 Dual Bus I/O controller
6) Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 Cluster Configuration

Unable to manage the external hard drives attached to the CR3500 with the CR3500 configuration utility.

Attaching to the serial port of the controller shows the RAID set configuration with the status of On-Line yet the individual devices do not appear in the CR3500 utility. The CR3500 configuration utility shows the RAID sets as failed. The RAID sets are functioning however.

How can the CR3500 be configured to see the external hard disks attached to the U320 Dual Bus I/O?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: CL380/CR3500 & U320 External Storage Enclosure

Hi Albert,

Although U320 wasn't around when the CL380's were popular I don't think that's got any bearing on it unless the original 4214 SCSI modules in the external shelf were coded into the CR3500 utility somehow. Each Compaq SCSI backplane and controller had a code which identified it. You can often see this in survey reports etc. for the Proliant servers and their internal/extenal SCSI backplanes.

I assume you are using an MSA30 (Originally called Storageworks 4214 (Ultra2) and 4314 (Ultra 3) shelves or you've simply upgraded the SCSI controller on a 4214 shelf to U320.

Please have a look at the attached document which explains the CL380 SCSI ID configurations in Active/Passive, Active/Active modes etc. and shows which ID's are used in the external shelf when configured for single and dual bus expansion.

I don't know if it will help but it's a handy reference.