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CL380 Shared Storage and Modular SAN Array 1000 (msa1000)

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Hans van Breen
Occasional Contributor

CL380 Shared Storage and Modular SAN Array 1000 (msa1000)

The Shared Storage of our CL380 Win2K cluster is nearly exhausted. One option is attaching a 4314R Enclosure to the Shared Storage. Is using a Modular SAN Array 1000 for additional Shared Storage also supported?
Doug de Werd

Re: CL380 Shared Storage and Modular SAN Array 1000 (msa1000)

If you want to add additional storage, you can add a 4314R cabinet. There is an expansion SCSI port on the back of the CL380 that daisy chains to the 4314. However, due to the SCSI ID model used in the CL380, you will only be able to use 8 drives in the 4314. See this white paper for more details (the paper says CL1850, but it's the same storage as the CL380):

If that is not a good option for you, then you can upgrade the entire cluster to an MSA1000. But you cannot add the MSA1000 to your existing CL380. Because of the non-modular design of the CL380, you would have to purchase two additional servers and the MSA1000 (referred to as an HA/F100 or HA/F200 configuration on the ProLiant HA web site at ). You could also look at the DL380 Packaged Cluster with SCSI-based Smart Array storage, which will support up to 14 drives.

If you go the MSA1000 or Smart Array Cluster Storage route, you can re-use the drives that you have in your CL380 - however, you will have to back up your data, reformat, and then restore the data (due to controller architecture differences between the different storage system).

Hope this helps,
Expert in ProLiant Clusters