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CLuster Service Help

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

CLuster Service Help

I need to be pointed in the right direction on setup and extra hardware needed to set up two identical ML370 Rack Mounts for Cluster Service. We've just ordered two full versions of Win2000 Adv. Server. I've done a good bit of research with not much luck for information that I need. I am familiar with Win2000 Server a little but know nothing about the Cluster Service.

I'm the Admin for a cable company ISP. It's a small company with currently 1200 or so Internet customers. We plan to use Post.Office mail Server, Cisco CNR DHCP, Microsoft's DNS, and I don't know what TFTP Server yet. And possibly a couple other services. I'm also
going to use IIS 5.0 for our domain Web-Hosting service. I want to cluster them together for redundancy so that if a service or application fails, the
same service or application on the other node takes over the tasks
(failover). Could someone help me please with these questions and other tips, tricks, info, etc.?

The two machines have Internal RAID 5 storage with online spare. What other hardware / software will I need for a cluster? What do you recommend that I use for the cluster disks? I have a NETAPP F720 Netfiler external storage
System that I can use that is connected to what looks like a 65GB 8 SCSI RAID 5 array via a fiber jumper. I believe it's Network storage via 100BaseT. Will this work as the Cluster Disks? What exactly will the cluster disks contain?

How does the clustering work with applications not designed with clustering in mind? [i.e. Post.Office (a product)] Does it matter?

Hardware for both servers are as follows:

ProLiant ML370's
P-III 800MHz 128MB RAM
(4 disks) RAID 5 9.1GB SCSI Array with online spare
Compaq Smart Array 431 Controller
Currently 1 NIC

Thank You for any reply's ahead of time...

Cable ISP