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Bought 4 PC100 ECC registered SDRAM chips for my compaq 1850R. I get no video output when I install the chips. In testing I noticed that if I make any change to the RAM setup (currently 4x128=512MB) it does the same thing. Is there a reset I have to do to make it see the memory change?

I also notice the first 128 Chip looks different from the other for that are currently installed. I'm working with the memory vendor to find out what the issue is, but any advice is appreciated.

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Re: CPQ 1850R RAM

hi noc

i assume the dimms you bought are NOT compaq dimms.

in the early times (pc100) the spd chip (look for a small chip with 8 pins on your dimms - it is required !!) on your dimms were not properly programmed to support all necessary timing parameters (like cas-to-ras and other latency settings).

most third party dimms did (and still do) NOT RUN as a result of this.

try a nv-ram reset (switch on systemboard - pos 6 to ON) but the chance is very low.

sorry - your dimms seem to be incompatible.

i am suffering from the same problem right now with a so-dimm i bought via ebay for my armada m700 notebook. (and i knew before that this might happen!!??!!)

shit happens

live will go on

best regards

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Re: CPQ 1850R RAM


We should be using following dims

64-MB 100Mhz Registered ECC SDRAM 313614-B21
128-MB 100Mhz Registered ECC SDRAM 313615-B21
256-MB 100Mhz Registered ECC SDRAM 313616-B21

Which is containg the part number also. Try this information and validate teh same

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
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Re: CPQ 1850R RAM

Assumption was correct. I returned the memory since I need to get these upgraded faster than I need to fight with saving $50/memory stick.

Thanks for the suggesstion.

You must not speak English well. That sounds like an answer I would get from some overseas technical support. I can read the quick specs just as well as the next person and that was not helpful.