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CPQCI Fatal Error when installing Guest SLES9SP3 Vm

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CPQCI Fatal Error when installing Guest SLES9SP3 Vm

I'm getting nuts figuring it out.

I want to deploy SLEs9SP3 vm on top on my ESX 2.5.3. Hardware is HP BL20P, RDP is 3.0

However, everyttime I'm running my job it keeps giving me "Rdeploy The Disk was not "found! this is after distributing my Grub Image..

I have checked and got quite obvious Fatal error when loading the ADLagent

Fatal: Erro inserting qpqci (/lib/modules/2.6.15/add/cpqci.ko): No such device Crid : error initializing (-95)

Fatal: Error inserting qpqrid(/lib/modules/2.6.15/add/cpqrid.ko): Operation no supported.

On my RDPLog I have this error!

RDLOG on my DS server:
Error description:
The disk was not found.

Possible causes:
A problem occurred while accessing the hard drive on your computer.

Possible resolutions:
Repeat the operation to see if the problem occurs in the same manner again.
Replace the hard drive in the computer that is malfunctioning.

==================== Technical details ====================

Logfile = created Mon Aug 7 15:54:43 2006
Build = rdeployt 6.5 (6844)
Cmdline = /mnt/ds/RDeploy/linux/rdeployt -noprompt -md -f./lib/images/GRUB.IMG -sz1:51m

Status = 33 (0x21)
Source file = imglib/disk/disk.cpp
Line number = 192 (0xc0)
Stack trace = 0x8161a66 0x804e9c5 0x8064eda 0x804d506 0x80609f3 &Known=0x8171f94
Imaging library revision = 6844 (linux-x86-release build, Fri Apr 14 13:23:00 2006)

I think what is happening is ADLAGENT cannot detect the virtual drive and thus it cannot run the GRUB!

Can you assist pelase?? I'm getting NUTS!!!!!