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Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor


I noticed in my default login script a call to a file called CPQCLNT.EXE. This is only executed by machines that don't have Client32 loaded on them as any machine with Client32 loads the normal login script for my context, not the default one. Any machine that doesn't have Client32 runs the default login script and this line is in there. What does this product do and is it really needed? If needed, do I need to add it to my normal login script for my users?


Kerry Stair
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor



CPQCLNT is a client for desktops not using client 32 that you want to be able to manage through Insight Manager. If all your clients have client 32, then you can remove this. If you're not sure, you can leave it in place.

To manage clients via the CIM console, make sure the following is done:
- LOAD CPQAGIN on the server console of the user's preferred server
- Select the Client Management option. This will copy CPQCLNT.EXE to the SYS:\PUBLIC\CLIENT directory, create SYS:PUBLIC\CPQCLNT.INI and create the SYS:CPQDATA directory
- Add the following line in the user's login script:

How it works:
- The client runs CPQCLNT.EXE in the login script
- When run, CPQCLNT looks in the \\\SYS\PUBLIC\CPQCLNT.INI file to find the location of the CPQDATA directory - usually \\\SYS\CPQDATA
- CPQCLNT polls the Personal Insight agent installed on the client for information...
- ...and generates an .INI file containing this information in the CPQDATA directory
- CPQHOST (or CPQCMSA on older versions of the CIM agents) polls this directory and imports the client into it's own database in memory
- You can then view the clients using the Insight Manager console
- For this to work properly, you have to make sure each client has a unique name