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CPQPHP Error with ML530 G2

Tony Kearins
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CPQPHP Error with ML530 G2

ML530 G2 installed with SA-5304. Installed the SA into slot-1. This has been done on 3 servers.

On two of the servers, it is filling the event log with errors saying the PCI hot add operation in slot x was unssuccessful because of a device failure. Thing is, all slots are empty! Slot x = 2 through to 8, but is random.

All servers are identically built (Win 2k Server std) with latest hot fixes and SP4.

All firmwares (server, SA etc) are all at latest settings. Any ideas?
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Re: CPQPHP Error with ML530 G2

Hi Tony,

Is it possible that some of the PCI slot latches are loose or not fully pressed down. Vibration may be fooling the system into thinking you have released one or more of the slot latches to insert a new device and the PCI Hot-Plug driver is notifying you of what it thinks is happening. Also check the power and speed leds on each slot.

If this is a hardware problem it could be the PCI hotplug backplane or the cable which goes to the system board. Try making sure that all slots are locked properly and if this doesn't help, get HP to look at it.