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CPQTeam - 2 x 1Gb NICs = 1Gb recieve?

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CPQTeam - 2 x 1Gb NICs = 1Gb recieve?

Quick question about cpqteam:

- I have 2x1Gb NICs in the DL380G5 that are teamed together
- When I go Control Panel->Networking->Team->Status, it shows that the team is running at 2Gb
- My Procurve switch only shows one NIC being used to recieve data (a backup stream)
- In the HP network Configuration Utility-> Properties -> Team Utilization , it shows that the maximum RX speed of the team is only 1Gb/s , and only one NIC is showing traffic coming through. (screenshot attached)

Is there a way to increase the capacity of the team to 2Gb/s recieve?
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Re: CPQTeam - 2 x 1Gb NICs = 1Gb recieve?


the send/receive speed of your team, depends on the type of the team you have configured. In your case the team functions as Transmit Load Balancing(TLB) - send with all NICs, but only 1 receives. There are other team types which support receive load balancing too, but they neede additional licences(Intelligent Networking Pack) which is retired since the 30th Sept 2007.
You can check this doc :

for more info. If someone knows what substitutes INP will be good to know :)