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CPQary3 Error When Updating Opensolaris

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CPQary3 Error When Updating Opensolaris

Hello all,

I have an ML370 G6 that has been happily running 2009.06. I am attempting to upgrade to snv_125. The update completes successfully, but when booting the first time into the new environment, I receive:

SunOS Release 5.11 Version snv_125 64-Bit with the following:
NMI received
Warning: dmar0,1 generated a fault event when translating DMA read on address 0x1e2000 for PCI(5, 0, 0), the reason is:
The Read field in a page-table entry is Clear when DMA read
(after a pause of several minutes)
Warning: CPQary3 : Smart Array P410i Controller HBA firmware Locked !!!
Warning CPQary3: Please reboot the system

I'm assuming (probably incorrectly) that the error revolves around the CPQary3 driver for the Operating System drives.

Can anyone shed some light?
(I can provide any other info that would help)