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CPU Heat Problem on an hp dl380p

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CPU Heat Problem on an hp dl380p


here i have a problem that i dont understand.

Its a hp dl380p  Server  with Dual Xeon CPU E5-2690

On a Running Win 2012R2 in Idle State and no CPU usage at all 0,5-1% for Hours  CPU1 is on 45-50Degree Celsius and Fanspeed of the Fans of the right side is about 30%  CPU2 Gets very hot 75-80Degree and its Fans the 2 on the left side only run at 6%

When i run some stresstest Tools on this server Both CPU´s getting hot and all FANS run about 90% then both cpu´s seem to be run in "NORMA CONDITON" under full speed

But on Idle Mode or at Midrange Operation ie.10% allways CPU1 run very hot and CPU2 allways stay cool.

For me it seems that the FAN Speed controll is overcrosed (cpu1/cpu2) but this is not possible because Fans are diretly connected tot the Mainboard.

All Fans are working and i can see the FAN Spped in ILO

Does anyone have have a idea what wrong here ?

Best regards

Fritsch James
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Re: CPU Heat Problem on an hp dl380p

What kind of server model is this exactly? On the 12x LFF or 25x SFF models the E5-2690 is not supported because of cooling issues. The interesting thing is how much disks you have in your server and in which slots they reside - in some cases the possible airflow will not be enough to cool down the cpu.

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Re: CPU Heat Problem on an hp dl380p



Its a 8x lff model.


Yesterday i changed thermal paste oft CPU. But no effect 


Then i changed cooling in BIOS ftom efficiant to middle  since then temp between both CPU is nearly the same