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CPU-Upgrade for ProLiant DL380 G5 DualCore --> QuadCore


CPU-Upgrade for ProLiant DL380 G5 DualCore --> QuadCore


we intend to upgrade a three year old machine from XE 5130 DualCore 2.00GHz-4MB to a QuadCore CPU.

We can´t find a compatibilty list for the supported CPU´s.
At the HP QuickSpecs we found the following note:
"5100 Dual-Core models are not upgradeable to the 5200 Dual-Core processors"

But what´s about the QuadCore CPU´s.

Thank´s for your help ;-)

Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: CPU-Upgrade for ProLiant DL380 G5 DualCore --> QuadCore

The earlier releases of the DL380 G5's contained system boards that were for the Intel 5000/5100 chipset. This supported dual core CPU's only. As Intel released the 5200-5400 CPU series, which contained the Quad Core models, the chipset on the system boards changed as well. The DL380 G5's come with the following two possible system boards:

407749-001: System (processor) board - With processor cage and battery - For use with Intel Xeon 50xx and 51xx dual core processors

436526-001: I/O systemboard (mother board) - Supports Intel Xeon 50xx, 51xx, 52xx, 53xx and 54xx processors (quad-core) - Includes cage and battery - Quad-core processors or dual-core processors can be installed on the system board.

You need to check the part number on your system board to kn wow if it is upgradeable.

Good Luck.