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CPU frequencies not synchronized on DL585 G2

Kevin Haggerty
Occasional Contributor

CPU frequencies not synchronized on DL585 G2

Just installed SQL Server 2005 SP2 on a new DL585 G2 and the startup log is telling me that the clock frequencies are not synchronized among the processors.

Found Microsoft support article (KB 931279) which points to AMD tools for checking/changing CPU speeds.

Has anyone used those tools to do this, or should I log a call with HP and have them recommend a fix?



Re: CPU frequencies not synchronized on DL585 G2

I've got the same problem Kevin.

DL585 G2s in a MSCS cluster with SQL 2005 w/ SP 2.

Multiple SQL App Event ID: 17896.

Microsoft didn't have a resolution for this issue yet. (KB 931279 as you mentioned)

What did you end up doing?

Re: CPU frequencies not synchronized on DL585 G2


We have a very similar setup as you with 2 dl585 G2's in cluster.
Both have locked up over the month and caused us quite a bit of pain. I read that the issue is that the two cores are not sync'd correctly and that there is an updated AMD driver out.

One way to see if your servers are affected is simply ping another box. Our pings were returning negative times.

We have yet to push this driver patch but given we went down today we may do an emeregency change control.

Rob H
Honored Contributor

Re: CPU frequencies not synchronized on DL585 G2


well also HP released a customer advisory and System ROM update for affected systems.

"...disabling AMD C1 Clock Ramping can also prevent the timestamp counter (TSC) drift issue for those applications which access the TSC directly..."

Customer advisory
P ProLiant Servers Using Dual-Core or More Than One Single-Core AMD Opteron Processor May Experience Incorrect Operating System Time When Running Systems That Use the System Time Stamp Counter

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