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CPU upgrade Proliant 380G4

Occasional Contributor

CPU upgrade Proliant 380G4

Hi I just tried to add another CPU on my proliant 380G4 machine.

The console said "The system has an unsupported processor installed"

I would like to figure out what can cause that error. I have the following scenarios

1. Manuall err in mounting the CPU. Donät think so it should be that hard, but you never know ...

2. There was no CPU fan for CPU nr 2. Can this be the problem? will the machine not boot if there is no fan for the CPU?

3. Wrong CPU type. I guess that the both CPU hasto be the same. Both are Intel Xeon at 3GHz, I'm not sure about the cache size on the one installed now but the new one has 2Mb (part id 378748-B21)

What else can make the machine halt like this?

Best regards
Honored Contributor

Re: CPU upgrade Proliant 380G4

Hi Daniel,

I would gess you have a slightly older version of DL380 G4 with 3GHz/1MB cache CPU. Both CPUs must be exactly the same, so probably you need a CPU upgrade kit with 1MB L2 cache.

Provide your box part number on this web page to find what actual upgrade kit you have to purchase:

Don't panic! [THGTTG]