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CPU upgrade on DL320s

Peter Barclay
Occasional Visitor

CPU upgrade on DL320s

I haven't been able to find much information on this, but I have a user with a DL320s and the application running on it pegs the CPU (W2K8 Svr 64 bit Std Ed.) constantly between 90-96%.

The app is running in 32 bit mode, and I'm sure everything on the server is set up as well as I know how.

The application is NetDVMS from Onssi/Milestone, and we have 8GB of RAM, 4.2TB RAID 5 array through P400 controller.

Since the CPU is a Xeon 3060, socket 775, 1066MHz FSB, 65W, I was wondering (aside from Xeon 3070) what CPU upgrades I can put into this beast?

The application shows no signs of getting any less CPU hungry, only more so, and I'm just hoping that there's someone out there with the knowledge to help. To heck with the warranty, I want a CPU that will help this application work better.

Thanks for any (intelligent) assistance!