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CPU upgrade

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CPU upgrade

Hi all,


Wonder if you can help me with this. Currently running a DL380 G4 and I want to start using Hyper-V. Current Irwindale CPU's dont support Virtualisation so I managed to pick up a couple  of Xeon 7140M on ebay.


I've installed the new cpu's but the server does not post with them in. I think I am running the most up to date BIOS (7/19/2007). Does anyone have any ideas if it's possible to use these CPU's and if not, is there a CPU out there that will work that supports Virtualisation?

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Re: CPU upgrade

Well I think you have a single core system board which does not support dual core processors. This is what I found in the spare parts list for the DL380-G4:


(Check the PN of your systemboard... )


SCSI System I/O board, both dual-core and single-core processor support, with processor cages and system battery 012863-001/012863-501 Spare# 404715-001/411028-001 - RoHS
SCSI System I/O board, single-core only processor support, with processor cages and system battery
012317-001 Spare# 359251-001
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Re: CPU upgrade

That would explain it :( No way around that wihout changing the server really I guess.


I'll go back to the drawing board and maybe find a different single core xeon which supports virtualisation.


Thanks a lot for the quick response.