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Cache Disabled Low Batteries

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Cache Disabled Low Batteries

We have a Smart Array Controller which has an error code "Cache Disabled Low Batteries"

Full context

Name Value
Status: Temporarily Disabled
Error Code: Cache Disabled Low Batteries
Serial Number: P75B20C9SS25NS
Total Memory: 196608 KB
Read Cache: 50%
Write Cache: 50%
Battery Status: Failed
Read Errors: 0
Write Errors: 0

Do these batteries charge up or need replacing? I have loaded the PSP 8.11 pack.

Thanks for any help




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Re: Cache Disabled Low Batteries

What is the Smart Array model and bios version ? I often (almost always) solved this problem with a bios update of the Smart card.
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Re: Cache Disabled Low Batteries


As part of the maintenance of the battery, the controller will discharge and recharge the batteries. However, if you're getting the alert where Battery Status is FAILED, then they need replaced.

THAT BEING SAID: HP has had issue with their cache modules and batteries recently. I would ensure that you are patched to the most recent firmware revision for your controller. This should also reset that charge cycle if you have any issues with it. If it comes back failed again, I'd have HP replace the cache, the battery, and the battery cable. (HP's recommendation to my company as we have had a higher than normal replacement rate for all three when only one was replaced in the same system.)
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Re: Cache Disabled Low Batteries

David Orwig
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Re: Cache Disabled Low Batteries

If my memory serves me correclty, some of the newer frimware made the "full" charge of the batteries a lower voltage due to the cycling of the batteries and them not being able to come up to the previously higher "full" charge. I've replaced MANY batteries. I've recently even replaced the new capacitor (which has replaced the battery) in a Gen8.