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Cache settings for P800 vs. P410

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Cache settings for P800 vs. P410


I would like to configure (a not yet available) for high performance.
At a test system (DL 380G6 with P410) I checked the controller settings.
I know that when adding a BBWC to a P410 that this controller enables write cache automatically.
A P800 has this battery by default is the write cache enabled by default, too?

Furthermore I have found several cache options in ACU for P410.

1. Array Accelerator for logical volume
should this be enabled?

2. Write cache for physical drives
This is DWC, right?

3. Controller settings
When here there is 25% read / 75 % write is controller write cache enabled then?

Does the P800 have the same settings within ACU?

My main question:
Ho can I check if controller write cache on a P800 (with BBWC Option) is enabled or not?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cache settings for P800 vs. P410

All SA controllers have configurable cache parameters and all via ACU/ADU. The write cache for physical drives is usually disabled under a raid environment. Use the P410, it is newer and more powerful than the P800.