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Can BL460c boot from SAN?

Occasional Contributor

Can BL460c boot from SAN?

Has anyone gotten the BL460c to boot from SAN? I'm hearing it's a feature but wondering if it actually works. Would be cool.
Niclas Larsson_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: Can BL460c boot from SAN?


I attended the HP BladeSystem C-class Academy
(HP course) last week and we successfully installed both windows and linux machines, booting from SAN, on BL460c blades using RDP.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Can BL460c boot from SAN?

Very interesting. Did you use iSCSI or FC? I'm interested if anyone has tried iSCSI boot-from-SAN. What SAN hardware did you use in the class?
Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

Re: Can BL460c boot from SAN?


From what i have read it is possable. We will be implementing this is Febuary 2007 connecting to an EVA 3000.

Sorry to Hi-Jack the thread.

Could any of you guys help me with the following - we are only going on the training in January, but i would like a head start as we have the equipment to play with already.