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Can CISCO GESM switch use SAN ?

Jean-Yves Picard
Trusted Contributor

Can CISCO GESM switch use SAN ?

Hello folks,

last week end we try to migrate our balde system from hp Proliant BL Gbe2 to CISCO GESM HP Blade System.

Operation went smoothly for LAN part.
However we were unable to connect SAN interface, thus one of our blade was unable to boot with out Data.

by "unable to connect to SAN" I mean, under QLA2310 fiber utily a scan for device return no SAN devices.
(Zonning and connectivity was double check)

The question is : can CISCO switch use SAN Modules ?
if Yes what configuration or commands need to be done on those switchs ?

Sorry I can give precise reference, firmware level, part number and so on, I am working on it (so that I may log an offical Call)

Thanks for Help.

Jean-Yves Picard
Honored Contributor

Re: Can CISCO GESM switch use SAN ?

You shouldn't have any issues with connecting either McDATA or Brocade SAN cubes to CGESM - it is fully supported.

Actually LAN switches only pass-trough FC signals, hence shoudn't impact your SAN connectivity at all.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]
Jean-Yves Picard
Trusted Contributor

Re: Can CISCO GESM switch use SAN ?


actually there is a bridge which 'pass-through' SAN signal from enclosure backplane to SAN element.

we have this bridge on Nortels, but not on Ciscos.
We were unable to locate SAN related documentation prior installation.
Hired consultant didn't check this neither.

Jean-Yves Picard