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Can I fit a new hard drive? - ML350 G4P

Andrew Heeley
Occasional Visitor

Can I fit a new hard drive? - ML350 G4P


I'm not at all technical, but we need to fit a new hard drive to our server as we are out of space.

Our IT support company have said this cannot be done and quoted a huge amount to swap the current drives for new larger drives. We have a feeling they may be trying to rip us off.

What I would like to know is what information would someone need to decide if a new hard drive can be fitted to our server? I've spoken with HP, and they concluded that we have an intergrated controller (no idea what this means) and a new hard drive can be fitted provided we have a spare slot and it is the same specification as the current drives.

Is it really that simple? Or does it depend on a lot of other things?

I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know how this would be decided. I realise I will probably have to give more information, if you could tell me what would be needed and how I find out that info in the first place that would be great.

We are running Windows Server 2003 if that is relevant, and the full product name is HP ML350G4P X3.0 SP5629TV SERVER.

Just a thought, but would something like Belarc Advisor give all the info needed to decide whether a new hard drive can be fitted?

I would really apprecaite any help someone can give me.