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Can I use PC133 memory in ML570 G1?

S. Crawford
Occasional Contributor

Can I use PC133 memory in ML570 G1?

I need to upgrade memory in this server, which currently has PC100 RAM. I need to put in 256MB DIMMS that are PC133. Will this work in a G1 ML570?

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Can I use PC133 memory in ML570 G1?

The Compaq ProLiant ML570 uses PC-100 type memory and has 4 bank(s) of 4 socket(s) each for a total of 16 memory socket(s) . The Compaq ProLiant ML570 comes standard with 512MB of RAM and supports up to 16GB of RAM . Choose from the memory modules listed above for guaranteed compatible upgrades for your Compaq ProLiant ML570.

For optimal performance of your Compaq ProLiant ML570 install the maximum amount of RAM in each memory socket. Each memory socket in a Bank must be filled with memory modules from a Kit or not filled at all. The Memory sold for this system is sold in a 4-Piece Kit. Each memory module in the Kit must be installed in the same Bank. If all Banks are filled, you can replace the memory in each Socket of that Bank with memory of a higher capacity memory Kit.

Compaq ProLiant ML570 Memory Bank/Socket Configuration
Bank 1
Sockets 1 - 4 Bank 2
Sockets 5 - 8 Bank 3
Sockets 9 - 12 Bank 4
Sockets 13 - 16

The Compaq ProLiant ML570 requires memory in each Bank to be installed in pairs or a Kit. To make it easier for you to install memory that will be compatible, the memory modules available for purchase above are sold in Kits. A Kit is comprised of 2 memory modules. For example, a 256MB Kit has (2) 128MB modules and a 1GB Kit has (2) 512MB modules. Some high end servers can require 4 or 6 piece Kits.

Mark Morgan
Regular Advisor

Re: Can I use PC133 memory in ML570 G1?

Your server is most likely using ECC memory. Compaq servers use part specific numbers.
If you ram it up you will see how fast and stable the ML runs.
I maxed a Compaq 3000r and it ran flawlessly.

Look under the case cover as the part numbers might be in there.
Since the system is a little old you might have to go to eBay for the ram.

Good Luck, Scott.

Sincerely, Mark.