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Can not access HP Proliant BIOS

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Can not access HP Proliant BIOS


I just received a new HP Proliant DL180 G6.

I'm trying to get into the BIOS. According to the documentation I hit F10 when the HP logo screen appears. But the bios never appears.

Boot sequence :

-Power on
-30 seconds during 100% fan speed
-HP Logo (press F10)
-PXE initialisation of all network card
-HP Smart Array Initialisation
-(Bios is supposed to open at this moment)
-Black screen the rest of the time.

I also try to repeat F10 all along the boot, but it's not better.

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Re: Can not access HP Proliant BIOS

Clear the server’s NVRAM and check if BIOS can be accessed. Clearing NVRAM deletes all configuration setting made in BIOS and revert it to factory settings.


Refer to System board components on page 133 (137/163) of the server's maintenance and service guide for the location of jumper J27, item number 27 in the figure.


The guide is locatable at the following link:


Power down the server and remove the power cord from the power outlet. Of jumper 27, Jumper A needs to be put to on position and the server needs to be powered on. Once message indicates that a jumper has been turned on, power down the server, remove the power cable from the power outlet and reverse the position of the jumper and then power on the server and press key F10 during POST prompt to run BIOS.








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Re: Can not access HP Proliant BIOS



After putting jumper A to on position. I Started the server but no message indicates "jumper movement". So after boot end (PXE init etc ...) I shutdown the server.


Next I've removed the jumper and start the server again but the problem still present.

Mark Matthews
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Re: Can not access HP Proliant BIOS

Have you tried pressing F9, thats what it normally is to enter the BIOS on Proliant servers, although I'm prepared to stand corrected as the 1xx series Proliants can be a bit "different" shall we say ;)


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Re: Can not access HP Proliant BIOS



Unfortunately, it's the same Issue with F9.