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Can't Access BIOS on HP DL360 G1 (?)

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Can't Access BIOS on HP DL360 G1 (?)

I am running a pair of HP DL360 G1s using Server 2003 as the OS.  I am unable to access the BIOS to change the boot order.  I've used the F1, F2, and F10 keys to try to enter BIOS mode during boot up.


Some internet posts lead me to believe that booting with the smart start CD may be one way or the only way to get to the BIOS.  Is this the case?  Is there another Key sequence that I might use?






Re: Can't Access BIOS on HP DL360 G1 (?)

Yes the G1 did not have a RBSU (ROM Based Setup Utility), nor did some, if not all G2 servers.


During server installation, using Smart Start you would install a service partition, on the first Logical drive, witch you could invoke using F10.

If you did not install the service partition, you will have to run the setup utility from a floppy disk, or the Smart Start CD.


Go to

enter your model numer i the search field.

Select your model (G1 do not have a G number, it is called DL360 only).

Select download firmware and drivers.

selct an oprating system ei. Windows 2000.

Download the Smart Star CD.

Burn a bootble CD from the ISO file.


Boot on the CD

Select the maintenance tab.

Select setup utility.


Link to DL360 windows 2000:

look for:

Software CD-ROM

Smart Start 5.50 is the latest.




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