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Can`t Install System Partition on Proliant 5000

Igor Knauf
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Can`t Install System Partition on Proliant 5000

I need some help.
I`ve got old Prolian 5000 server. No IDE controller in it. Old SCSI CD-ROM - is broken, to find new one - too expensive and not reasonable.
I installed old ISA MIO Card(Multi I/O Card) and connect IDE CD-ROM to it.
After some my "active motions" i lost System Partition, I just deleted it.
Now i want to create it again.
Question - how?
And one more - i can`t boot from CD, only from FDD, HDD.
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Re: Can`t Install System Partition on Proliant 5000

Well that is not a whole lot of informations.

You will not be able to boot from the IDE controller because it is not part of the BIOS strap, you would need to purchase a better card, Sounds like you are not in to purchasing anything, with a loading BIOS to boot from that card.

You could do everything from the floppie and DOS if you wish. Since you did not explain your "loss" on the boot partition, you could set it to active agin or recreate it with DOS and FDISK.exe
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ernst limbrunner
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Re: Can`t Install System Partition on Proliant 5000

hi igor

the good old proliant 5000 does not support ide disks and ide cd-rom drives.

if you install a ide controller card - it will not support booting from smart start.
download the system config utility (diskette format) and reinstall the system partition. here is the link:
the latest system partition version used 36 mb - so if your version was very old, you might not be able to install it.
what can you do then ?

dont worry. make your hw settings from floppy disk. when your OS is running, the system partition is NOT required.
all OS tools and drivers are in the OS partition and NOT in the system partition

best regards