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Can't access RAID controller

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Can't access RAID controller

Hi folks,

Just a quick question - on a DL360 G4p, how do I get to the RAID controller? The model we have doesn't have an optical drive (although one is on the way from eBay) - the only thing I can find seems to be that you access it through the SmartStart disk set.

What I was expecting was something of the nature of "hit F5 for RAID config" or similar - does something exist or do I wait for my drive and use SmartStart?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Can't access RAID controller

if server has Smart array controller like 6i controller you can use smartstart CD but if your server has Embedded SATA controller you must press F6 when controller shows up during POST

either way having smart array or embedded SATA you can press F8 to configure your RAID and start installing your OS
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Re: Can't access RAID controller


You should be able to access it at POST even if it is an embedded controller. Just look for F6 or F8 etc and you shall be able to get to it.
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