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Can't change ports in iLO config on ML110 G7

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Cory Hug
Frequent Advisor

Can't change ports in iLO config on ML110 G7

Brand new ProLiant ML110 G7 with integrated Lights-Out with iLO Advanced Pack.  I'm unable to change the ports in the Administration config through the iLO web interface for the non-SSL, SSL, and Remote Console ports.  I changed them once on this server, but got them mixed up and now need to correct them.


I am logged in with a user ID that has the permissions to change the port config.


I change the ports and click Apply, I get the pop-up confirmation dialog and click OK, then it goes back to the main config screen and displays "Error making call: call=access settings.get_services; error=500" in a red box.


Thank you.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Can't change ports in iLO config on ML110 G7


Something similar to this has been fixed on ILO firmware 1.20. Can you please update the latest firmware for ILO and update here if fixed?
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Goutham Sabala
Cory Hug
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can't change ports in iLO config on ML110 G7

The firmware didn't help, but I did get it fixed.


For firmware, it was already on 1.26.  I did see that there was a February 2012 ProLiant Support Pack so I installed that which updated the iLO firmware to 1.28 (dated January 2012).  That still didn't fix the issue.  I checked the iLO specific web page for a firmware update and saw a 1.28(b) dated March 2012, but after I downloaded that, and then went to install it, it still said it was installing just plain 1.28 dated January 2012.  I let it install anyway, but it still did not fix the issue.


How I finally fixed it...


I had the correct ports in general, just on the wrong items (between the Remote console port, non-SSL port, and SSL-port.  So in fixing it I was trying to set these items to reusing the same ports, just on one of the other items.  It didn't like this.


Out of the blue I just decided to try to set the ports to something totally different, not reusing any of the originally desired ports.  It let me change that.  After that, I was then able to set them back to the desired ports in the correct desired order.