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Can't create NT Mirror - Proliant 800

Jay Dennis
Occasional Visitor

Can't create NT Mirror - Proliant 800

We recently installed 2 18Gb SCSI disks in a Proliant 800 running NT4 SP6. Both disks are recognized by the system; however, only the 4GB system partition is available for mirroring. If we select any other partition (either individually or in conjunction with the system partition) the ESTABLISH MIRROR option is greyed out. When only the system is selected, we can create the mirror; however the remaining partitions are unmirrored.

Both drives are 18gb, SCSI3. System partition is 4gb. Data partition is 13gb.

I suspect that this old Proliant isn't accurately reporting the drive size to NT and so NT doesn't believe that there is sufficient space to create the mirror.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Ronald Olds
Occasional Contributor

Re: Can't create NT Mirror - Proliant 800

I have ran into this a couple of times when I forgot to commit all changes. Try commiting any changes you have made and then try to establish mirror.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't create NT Mirror - Proliant 800

Hello Jay,
You may want to update the System BIOS. Also run the latest System Configuration Utility as well. The system configuration utility you can download from the following link:

The system bios depending upon as to which version you have can be downloaded from the following Link: