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Can't enable RSS on NIC team - DL380p Gen8 - Win2008 R2

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Can't enable RSS on NIC team - DL380p Gen8 - Win2008 R2

I can't get RSS enabled on either of my nic teams - I have a DL380p Gen8 running Win 2008 R2 SP1, configured with the following h/w, drivers etc (all latest revisions as of today):

HP Network Configuration Utility for Windows

4 port Broadcom 1Gb 331FLR card with: Firmware Driver
Team #1 - configured with 3 ports in LACP (group 0) and one as standby (group 1)

2 port NC523SFP fibre 10Gb QLogic adapter with: Firmware Driver
Team #2 - configured with both ports in LACP

The individual windows drivers for each nic are configured with RSS enabled

In the configuration page of each of the 2 teams, (despite the default option being Enabled) the RSS option is not checked. On checking this box to enable RSS, and clicking OK to accept the changes, the team is reconfigured, but then checking this page again afterwards, shows that RSS is still showing as disabled.


Some observations:


netsh interface tcp show global
Querying active state...

The TCP parameters differ between IPv4 and IPv6.
TCP Parameters for IPv4 Connections
Receive-Side Scaling State : enabled
Chimney Offload State : automatic
NetDMA State : disabled
Direct Cache Acess (DCA) : disabled
Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level : normal
Add-On Congestion Control Provider : ctcp
ECN Capability : disabled
RFC 1323 Timestamps : disabled


This shows enabled!


netsh interface tcp show chimneystats

Idx Supp Atmpt TMax PMax Olc Failure Reason
--- ---- ----- ---- ---- --- --------------
15 No -n/a- 0 0 0 -n/a-
20 No -n/a- 0 0 0 -n/a-


This shows as not supported!


netstat -t - shows all current connections as "InHost"


Any advice?

Thanks, Berty


Re: Can't enable RSS on NIC team - DL380p Gen8 - Win2008 R2



Some where I read that "TOE or RSS are not supported under teamed interfaces for any NIC model under Windows 2008 any version."


When you extract this file "cp023339.exe" which is for HP Network Configuration Utility for Windows Server 2008 R2, Version: (B) (9 Sep 2014).


Within the extracted folder, you can refer to the file NICSCRPT.PDF which states "TOE and RSS teaming are not supported on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 x64 in this release."



Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: Can't enable RSS on NIC team - DL380p Gen8 - Win2008 R2

Seems a little strange how this is specifically a version of the teaming software for Win 2008 R2, given that it has the Enable RSS check box provided under team configuration tab (suggesting that 'Enabled' is the default setting) if what you suggest is indeed correct - that  RSS is not supported on Windows 2008 R2 using that utility. Why would HP remove the ability to use RSS when all the underlying components support it?