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Can't find a disk for my Proliant 5000

Jeremy Litton
Occasional Contributor

Can't find a disk for my Proliant 5000

I just bought a used Proliant 5000. I had one once before and set up the drives, installed NT 4.0, enjoyed it, but later sold it to a friend. I bought another on eBay for a relatively low price because it didn't include drives. I bought an 18.2GB and a 9.1GB Compaq drives. Of course I got no software with the server and I downloaded the 4 disk configuration set. When I go to set up the drive array in the menu it asks for Drive Array Configuration Diskette and I CAN'T FIND IT! I'm about to pull my hair out because I was positive it was listed in the drivers section before when I had the other 5000.

I looked and looked and looked and either I'm overlooking it (eyes are getting tired now) or it's just not here anymore. Can anyone please help me out. I wish I still had the old disks that I made for the other ProLiant but they were damaged and thrown away.

Thanks in advance,
Jeremy Litton
Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: Can't find a disk for my Proliant 5000

Hi Jeremy,

The ACU disk is the older version 1 and its sp 6263 found at:
Hope this will help