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Can't find disk without SmartStart

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Can't find disk without SmartStart

Does anyone know what SCSI and array driver to use if I want to install NT without booting from the SmartStart disk? I have tried the drivers generated from the compaq service disk but no go. Please let me know what model and version of the driver should I use.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Can't find disk without SmartStart

Most likely what is happening is the following ::

When running a manual install (either from the SS or from the OS disks/CD) NT gives you the option to specify the drivers when you press F6. Unfortunately if you do do this and the OS has begun the detection process and shows any mass storage drivers, NT will look like it is installing the drivers you request, but it will not actually load them.
The most reliable method is ::
1. Generate the NT boot disks.
2. At the end of disk 2 it will give you the option to skip the mass storage detection by pressing S to skip -- do this
3. Specify the Compaq 32 bit Fast wide SCSI driver (Disk Two from the NTSSD), as well as the PCI IDE CD ROM driver (Native to the OS) and any other controller drivers you may require.
4. This will work