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Can't see all my SCSI Drives

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Can't see all my SCSI Drives

I have just used the Smart start discs to re start my server. But I am now only able to access 4 Gigs of the first SCSI drive, the bootable partition. The machine has two 18.4Gb drives so what has happened to them. How can I configure the machine to get the drive space back. Have I missed something out when re starting the machine.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Can't see all my SCSI Drives

by "not seeing the drives" are you talking during the smartstart install? because NT has a restriction of 4gb system partition...that is the size you will see during the install....
to be sure there isnt any lockups or hardware errors try the following:
A) are there any red or amber lights on you disk drives? if so those drives have failed - could be DOA
B) boot to the smartstart cd and run the erase utility ..NOTE this is data destructive so be advised that it will set your system to blank hard drives and default hardware settings... then reboot to the smartstart and install again...again though during the install process NT has a 4gb you will still only see that during the install
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