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Can't see my BL460c HBAs in Command View!

lawrence bowen_1
Occasional Advisor

Can't see my BL460c HBAs in Command View!

Hi All,

We are having an issue that we can't get to the bottom of. Last year external contractors installed a HP c7000 blade enclosure with 2 Brocade FC switches, with an Uplink from their E-Port 17 to the corresponding E ports of the existing McData HP Edge-24 FC Switches connected to an EVA5000.

The initial install included 2 BL460c blades with Emulex LPe1150 HBAs. Somehow, they were able to successfully present vDisks from the EVA to these servers.

However, the HBAs of any new BL460c servers that we add to the enclosure refuse to appear in the HBA dropdown list in Command View EVA!

The blade FC switch shows the ports are active for the new blades, and we have gone so far as to compare the working port configs with the not-working ones, and everything seems the same. The drivers and firmware version are the same too. The only thing we haven't done is change anything in the HBA BIOS settings.

We have been battling with this for 3 days with no success. Even if we type the HBA WWNs in manually in Command View, we are unable to present any disks. It seems as if the HBAs are visible on the c7000s FC switches, but not on the extended fabric.

Please help!

Thanks in advance
Lawrence Bowen