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Can't upgrade Teaming driver on ML570G2

Michael Hankins
Occasional Contributor

Can't upgrade Teaming driver on ML570G2

I'm having a b#$%& of a time trying to upgrade the Teaming driver on a ML570G2, which is running Windows 2003. Version 8.0 of the teaming driver is installed now. When I run the installer for cp005319.exe, I get a message stating that the "operation was not successful". Cpqsetup.log tells me the same thing. I have deleted the team, and uninstalled the teaming driver from Network Connections.

I would very much appreciate any insight that could be provided on how to completely remove the teaming drivers.


Justin Ko
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't upgrade Teaming driver on ML570G2


I just noticed that there is a v. of the teaming driver available via

Please see if this works for you.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Can't upgrade Teaming driver on ML570G2

Hi Michael,
There are a couple of possibilities:
1. You are not using an account with "administrator" privs when trying to install the teaming driver.

2. The machine has some security software installed on it that locks down the registry and prevents unauthorized applications from making changes. Since teaming must make changes to the registry for the network bindings, it must have write access to the registry.

Let us know if neither of these resolves the problem.