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Can you help me in this context

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Can you help me in this context

Data base application does not support RAID1+0.
I have 6x146 GB SAS drives in DL580 G4, OS (Windows 2003 server) is Installed on two (2x146 GB SAS) Drives and now I want to set RAID1 (not RAID1+0) on rest of 4x146 GB SAS Drives.
Array B has been created with 4x146 GB SAS Drives but during the creation of LOGICAL DRIVE; there is no option to select like RAID1 but RAID0,1+0,5,6 (ADG).
How to configure RAID1 on 4x146 GB SAS Drives

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Re: Can you help me in this context

RAID 1 is disk mirroring between 2 disks:

RAID 1+0 is Disk Mirroring and Striping

With 2 disks (only) you can set up RAID 1, with 4 or more disks you need to set up RAID 1+0.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Can you help me in this context


RAID 1+0 is the HP's interpretaion of RAID 1.
If you make RAID 1+0 logical drive with 2 HDDs, it will be a pure RAID 1.
If you have 4+ HDDs like in your case, raid 1+0 is the only mirroring option(it makes stripping by design).

I haven't heard of an app that doesn't support RAID 1+0, but if this is true...don't know what can be done