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Cann't update firmware on hp SAS disk


Cann't update firmware on hp SAS disk

Sorry for my bad English.

I have hp dl360g7 server with hp smart array p410i controller & 4x 300Gb SAS disks (raid 1+0). At last reboot i received a post message

POST Error: 1770-Slot X Drive Array - Disk Drive Firmware Update Recommended


For my drives

Size 300.0 GB Drive Type SAS Model HP EG0300FBDBR 

i downloaded next firmware: cp020307.exe for Windows Server 2012 but when i tryed to install it i got an error. Why? How to install new firmware?

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Re: Cann't update firmware on hp SAS disk

The release notes say

Online firmware flashing of drives attached to an HP Smart Array controller running in Zero Memory (ZM) mode or an HP ProLiant host bus adapter (HBA) is NOT supported.

Is your smartarray in zero memory config?

If yes, boot SPP and update the firmware offline.

Hope this helps!

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