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Cannot boot DL360 G2 - "Unsupported OS selected"

Mans Trithipakij
Occasional Visitor

Cannot boot DL360 G2 - "Unsupported OS selected"

Configuration: DL360 G2, Windows Server 2000 SP4, RAID1

I tried to reboot our DL360 G2 after installing Windows updates but every attempt failed. On the post screen, I get the error message "Unsupported OS selected, using default Windows 2000". After the server has detected the logical drive, it gets into ROM settings automatically. There, I'm asked to choose language and then OS. After choosing Windows 2000 I pressed F10 to save and reboot.

However, at the post screen, it still shows the same error message and gets me into ROM settings again. I checked OS setting and it was set to Linux. It seems like my previous setting wasn't saved eventhough I've succeeded saving other ROM settings. I have repeated these steps for several times without any help. I have also tested choosing other OS in the list but it always resets to Linux.

I also tried booting from both CD and floppy without any success, which makes me doubt that the error is caused by hard drive failure.

Does anyone have any idea about this issue?
Mans Trithipakij
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cannot boot DL360 G2 - "Unsupported OS selected"

Addtional information:

We've been using this server since 2002 and never touched the ROM settings. There has never been any boot problem.

I have also tried these solutions witout success:
* Turning off the server and disconnected power supply.
* Resetting ROM settings to default.
* Switching to backup ROM settings.

Valued Contributor

Re: Cannot boot DL360 G2 - "Unsupported OS selected"


Have you tried updating the firmware of the server?

You can download a cd image for Firmware Maintenance Revision 7.20 here>

Although if you cannot boot from cd or floppy make sure that in the BIOS you have these options selected in the boot list.