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Cannot connect to iLO on a BL480c in a c7000 Enclosure

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Cannot connect to iLO on a BL480c in a c7000 Enclosure

I've got a a BL480c running iLO2 with Firmware version 1.24, in a c7000 enclosure with an Active OA with firmware 1.01. I also have a BL460c in the enclosure.

I cannot connect to the BL480c via any of the iLO Remote Management web based interfaces (Web Administration, Integrated Remote Console, etc.). The connections time out in the browser.

What I Have Tried
I can connect to the bay via SSH - SSH to the OA then connect to Bay 1.

I can connect to the BL460c, and I successfully upgraded the firmware.

I initially upgraded the OA firmware before trying to connect to the BL480c. When I realized I could not connect to the BL480c, I downgraded the firmware to see if it was a compatibility problem. After the downgrade, but before configuring the OA, I was able to connect directly to the BL480c web administration page, but I do not have a login for it (does it even have an independent login from the OA?). So I proceeded with the OA firsttime setup, and after completing the setup I was once again unable to connect to the BL480c directly (times out).

Possible Solutions?
Is it possible that this is a firmware issue? That is my only guess. How do I go about upgrading the firmware without being able to access the BL480c iLO directly? I've tried searching to see if it possible to do a firmware upgrade via an SSH connection to the bay, but I haven't found anything.

Any other suggestions?
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Re: Cannot connect to iLO on a BL480c in a c7000 Enclosure

Turns out this was in fact a firmware issue. Here is how I fixed the problem:

1. Updated OA firmware - updated the OA firmware from 1.01 to 2.32.

2. Connected to the OA using SSH.

3. Updated the iLO firmware using the update command:

update ilo 1 ftp://myftpserver/ilo2_170.bin

The server in question was in bay 1.

I am now able to connect to the iLO web interface for the BL480c.