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Cannot install Intel Xeon X5365 on HP Proliant DL380 G5

Florian DEBOUT
Occasional Visitor

Cannot install Intel Xeon X5365 on HP Proliant DL380 G5


We've just bought a new HP DL380 G5 5060 2G, added 8GB of RAM and installed 2 new quad core processors intel xeon X5365 (HP processor pack - 445560R-B21 with power management modules).

The first time I boot with the new processors I had a message :
Unsupported processors detected "The revision of the intel(R) 5000 series chipset on this system board does not support the installed processors type."

So I've updated the firmware to the last version : P56 with the HP CD firmware, but no luck still the same error message, and now it's even worse, when the server boot the fan keeps turning full speed and the server is unresponsive for 5 to 10min before the server actually boot up and display the "processor incompatibility" message.

Then I tried to put the original processor back and the same thing happens, it takes up to 10min for the server to boot up with the fans blowing at full speed, but then the processor is recognized and the server starts.

I've check on HP quick specs and the processors X5365 seems to be supported.

Is there any update, BIOS settings or upgrade I missed?

Is it related to the long time it takes to boot up the server?

Many thanks for your replies in anticipation
Chris Ciapala
Trusted Contributor

Re: Cannot install Intel Xeon X5365 on HP Proliant DL380 G5

I had this issue (long boot time) on one on the machines and after few days with HP support they decided to swap motherboard.
I've never seen this message about CPUs from DL servers, however there is a note on specs:

NOTE: Future upgradeable to Xeon® Series 5400/5300 Quad-Core processors (Please contact your regional sales support to determine quad core upgradeability. Some of the earlier shipping models may not support this upgrade). 5100 Dual-Core models are not upgradeable to the 5200 Dual-Core processors.

I would call HP - you have warranty for sure if servers are new - and check what they can do.
Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

Re: Cannot install Intel Xeon X5365 on HP Proliant DL380 G5

From what I can tell, you still don't have the latest version of the BIOS. The latest versoin for the DL380 G5 is 2008.11.01.

I would get firmware cd ( and re-run the BIOS update. If that does not work, I would put the 2008.11.01 firmware on a USB drive ( and install that way from the Firmware CD. I've seen the error before and I had to update the the most recent version.

Re: Cannot install Intel Xeon X5365 on HP Proliant DL380 G5

I have the same problem with my processors x5260-3.33Ghz/6M/1333. I installed two of them in my DL380 G5. I checked my system board - spare 436526-001 - but nothing happens. The fans are spinning at high speed.The bios is the latest,2008.11.01.
What can I do to let my server work with the two processors?
De Wandeler Ludo
Florian DEBOUT
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cannot install Intel Xeon X5365 on HP Proliant DL380 G5


My problem is now solved.
I've open a case with HP support. And after a long search we realized that the system board was a refurbished unit / different that the original system board in this kind of server and was limited to dual core processors support.
Apparently some older versions of G5 server supports only dual core processors.

For the fan problem that was something else. The onboard ILO2 card was faulty.
And as the ILO provide information likes the server and processor temperature.
An onsite engineer came and replaced the system-board and it is all working fine now.