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Cannot log in to HPSIM

Paul Snook_2

Cannot log in to HPSIM

I have successfully installed HPSIM 4.1 on a server and can log into HPSIM 4.1 from the server console. However I cannot log into HPSIM 4.1 from any remote client using the URL:


I get the login page, but when I enter my credentials and click "Secure Login", the URL changes to:


and I get a "The page cannot be found" error. Also the IE title bar says HTTP 400 - Bad Request. I'm sure I'm using the correct credentials. Any ideas?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot log in to HPSIM

Check your proxy settings to make sure that the server hosting HP SIM is included in your exclusion list.
Paul Snook_2

Re: Cannot log in to HPSIM

Thanks for your reply David, however we do not use proxy servers
FONTANA Alexandre
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cannot log in to HPSIM

I can't answer to your Problem. But there is effectively something wrong.

I am on an XP workstation and I can't login to Insight Console because of exactly sames symptoms...

Dan Baylis_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Cannot log in to HPSIM

Did anyone either find a fix for this?

I have the same problem!


Frequent Advisor

Re: Cannot log in to HPSIM

Hi Paul

Have you tried to ping the server running HPSIM before you use IE to open HPSIM? check the following site so you better understand why I ask you to see if you lose packets before trying IE

You might even have to try another browser to see if you get a network or software related error as IE is not very specific when it comes to error reporting.

Have you tried a fresh install on the server, do the SIM install and test before doing the updates?

I asume all the BIOS, firmware and patches have been done on the server that has SIM installed as well as one of the units you are trying to connect from?

Hope this helps use better understand the issue.

Andre Froneman