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Cannot select PCI IDE in boot order (ML310)

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Cannot select PCI IDE in boot order (ML310)

I am trying to select IDE as the boot device in the ROM BIOS on a ML310 but it will not allow me to.

I select it and it give me the option to move it to postion 2 but that is what it is currently set at.

It has a 2 other options RAID Mass Storage and an Intel Onboard Device both of these can be change to 1 or 3

Any ideas?

GB Tek
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Re: Cannot select PCI IDE in boot order (ML310)

I found a note about the Rom Based Setup utility which you are using: IMPORTANT: PCI devices that have been disabled in the PCI Devices menu are still visible on
the Boot Controller Order screen. Check the PCI devices menu to make sure that the card is not disabled.
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