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Cant Smart Start

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Cant Smart Start

Heres the situation in a nutshell.

Have a Compaq 5500 P12 that had 5 x 9.1 GB drives. ID 0 and 1 were raid 1 and the rest were a raid 5. Now the problem is ID 0 and 1 were taken out of the machine (not my decision) because they were a different RPM then the other 3. So I go to re-install the OS and put in the Smart Start CD, boot up, and it doesnt read the CD Rom Drive. So Im thinking Okay, someone in the past has reset the bios and taken the CD-rom Drive out of the bootup cycle. But since the Drives that had the Compaq Systems Utilities on it are gone and the CD rom wont read on boot up, How do I?

A. Get to the System bios and reset the boot up paramaters to include the CD Rom?


B. Get the CD Rom drive to read so I can reinstall the O.S.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Cant Smart Start

one of two ways
1) clear your NVRAM: with the system off locate the 6 bank dip switch on the system board and put switch in the on position...turn system on..,let it boot to where it says maintenance switch in on position..then answer the few questions it offers and when it is rebooting shut it down and put the switch back off..then bring the system up..this will set the sysconfig to its default which includes booting from cd
2) download the system configuration utility and create the diskettes with it...boot off the diskettes and it will offer you the same menus as the F10
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