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Cant boot ML360 Server - nothing coming on screen

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James Donald_1
Occasional Visitor

Cant boot ML360 Server - nothing coming on screen

Hi everyone,
I could do with some help here. I have just bought an ML360 rack server with 6 32 GB disks. When I power the server up there is nothing coming up on the monitor - no boot messages nothing.

When the power is switched on the fans etc kick in and the hard drive lights come on and then go off except for one hard drive which where ever I place it in the disk cage stays green.

I have run through the hardware troubleshooting advice in the manual for no VGA output but nothing. Has anyone got some advice for me here.
Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: Cant boot ML360 Server - nothing coming on screen

Is this a ML370 or a DL360 ? Which generation ?

I've hat two cases where DL360G3 had problems with the drive cage. Pressing the SCSI backplane connector back into the motherboard cured it.

Does the system have a RILOE board ? In that case the video connector on the RILOE board must be used.

If that doesn't help make sure that everything is properly seated (reseat components).

If that still doesn't help call HP.
Regular Advisor

Re: Cant boot ML360 Server - nothing coming on screen


I assume you mean DL380 (2U high with 6 hard drive bays)

Did you install a second processor into this machine? I have had similar problems on boot/POST when the processor has not been seated properly. May be worth checking! Be careful not to touch or smudge the heat transfer grease though.


James Donald_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cant boot ML360 Server - nothing coming on screen

Guys many thanks for the advice - firstly the server was a ML370 - I was just loosing the plot there.

i have reseated the processor - in the correct slot and now the machine boots - I think that there were two processors in the machine originally but someone took one out before the machine was sold. Just out of interest does the processor power supply board sit directly to the left of the processor it is suppose to service - when i inspected my layout I found the processor in the slot furthest away from the RAM slots and the power module nearest the RAM slots - guess that this was what was wrong.

many thanks for the help - it is really good nice to think that there are people out there willing to spend a minute to help others.