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Re: Centos 7 on DL380 Gen 9 Server

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Centos 7 on DL380 Gen 9 Server


anyone can share how to install centos 7 on DL380 Gen9 Server ?
Which one is the correct one , using intellegent provisioning or legacy boot ?

I'm using DVD and USB Key and have no result.
I'm stuck,



Jimmy Vance
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Re: Centos 7 on DL380 Gen 9 Server

For Linux installation I tend not to use Intelligent Provisioning as it doesn't give you much flexibilty in creating disk partitions. 

If your using the B140i controller, confugure it for AHCI SATA mode, if you have a 'P' series Smart Array controller configure your RAID array or set the controller into HBA mode. Boot the OS media and install the OS.  No need to use Legacy boot mode.  Version 7.0 is the minmum supported version with the need for an updated Smart Array driver. On sysems using Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600v4 Series version 7.2 is teh minimum supported.

If your USB key won't boot, read the information here



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Re: Centos 7 on DL380 Gen 9 Server

Cool ... thanks,

it's works.