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Certificate issue

Marcel van D
Occasional Contributor

Certificate issue


I'm using DL360-G5. With iLO, I use https for security. I would like to replace the self-signed cert for a 'real' one.

When I login into iLO, I can find relevant options under: Administration - Security - SSL Certificate

There is a button to 'Create Certificate Request', but when I investigate that CSR, I see:

Org. Unit: ISS

I would like this fields to be filled in.

I can use a different system to create the correct CSR, but then I need to import the corresponding private key into iLO (or to export the current key from iLO, to generate the new CSR). For both I cannot find a solution.

I tried to concatenate private key and cert, and import them at the same time, but then I get the error: 'input too long'.

I also used SSH to access iLO, but in that interface I also cannot get the info needed to solve this. Has anyone a clue?



Marcel van D
Occasional Contributor

Re: Certificate issue

Additional info:

The fields are shown 'empty', because they contain info I do not manage (according to the CA).

To be more specific:

Country: US
State: Texas
Location: Houston
Organization: Hewlett-Packard Development Company
Common Name=ILO

The Common name does not match my FQDN, but I assume I can change that in the: Administration - Network page, which has a field called 'iLO 2 Subsystem Name'

I did not touch this, as I do not want my iLO Advanced License to become invalid...