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Change Array Order SA P800

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Change Array Order SA P800

Hi All,
I have a ML150 (RHEL5.1) used as a nearline data dump for backups. It has a MSL2024 and MSA60 (both SAS) attached to it via a SA P800.

Due to the data being migrated from an internal (pre P800) RAID array to the MSA, I configured an array (on the MSA) previous to the RAID1 boot array and as such when the MSA is connected the server won't boot as the MSA is ArrayA and the boot array, ArrayB.

Is there a way of changing the order of the arrays (ACU maybe???). Or can I delete ArrayA and subsequently re-create it (hence I presume making it ArrayC or B) without loosing the data???



Dan Hawker
Linux Systems Administrator