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Change Drive bay 2.5 to 3.5 on DL388P Gen8 ?

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Change Drive bay 2.5 to 3.5 on DL388P Gen8 ?

A friend gave me a DL388P GEN8 which is really nice and on good condition.

The problem is that the drive is: 8 x 2,5 sata drive,  and I have only 3.5 HD.

I bought on the web a 12x 3.5 harddrive bay, which is suppose to be compatible with the DL388P but isn t working.

I have few questions:

Do I need to plug 2 electric plug on the. 12x HD bay ?  On the 8 2.5 bay I have only one electric plug... 
Do I need to setup or install a driver  ? 
When I plug the POWER-A of the bay to the motherboard I got a blinking orange dot... I don t know if it s because I plug only POWER-A and not also POWER B ? 


Do you have any suggestions? or Idea? 
I  would like to use the server as a media server for home with UNRAID OS.

Thanks ! 


Re: Change Drive bay 2.5 to 3.5 on DL388P Gen8 ?


I believe you are referring to HP ProLiant DL388p Gen8 Server. And as per the picture shared, I understand you have two of them and the server at the bottom is the one which is being modified to 12 LFF drive bay

Firstly please ensure that the 12 LFF option is field upgradable.

For example, on DL380 Gen8 the 8LFF, 12LFF, and 25SFF drive cage versions are not field upgradeable options from the 8SFF model.

Reference link: (Page number 7)

Once confirmed that supported, please see if you are using right set to cables:

HP ProLiant DL388p Gen8 Server - Spare Parts

For cabling please refer, HPE ProLiant DL388p Gen8 Server Maintenance and Service Guide.


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Re: Change Drive bay 2.5 to 3.5 on DL388P Gen8 ?

Thanks a lot for your answer !
I receveived yesterday another Power cable to supply the new bay.

Everything seems working well now !
I just connect 3 HD and the 3 are working well.

The acces panel doesn t fit well, i ll need to cut part of it  and readjust a bit ^^

The drive cage was a 8SFF, now 12LFF.

I have 2 powers supply of 450 W each, do you think is enought to supply 12 HDD? I just tested now with 3, and I m wondering if I need to upgrade them ? 

Do you think if I plug 10 HD I ll need to upgrade any other thing? like a raid card? or something else ? 
( sorry I m a Noob !)

Thanks  for you help !


Re: Change Drive bay 2.5 to 3.5 on DL388P Gen8 ?

 2 powers supplies of 450 Watt should suffice if you are not adding any video card.

Assuming the storage controller as the default P420i controller, it will support up to 8 drives. However, if the 12LFF backplane board is an expander backplane then it will support up to 12 drives.

I am a HPE Employee